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Sky Arts Landscape Artist of the Year 2019. Episode 5, Tyne Bridge, Newcastle

I was selected to participate in the Sky Arts Landscape Artist of the Year 2019. It was a wonderful day of painting plein aire in a pod with 8 other contestants. I can now show my picture of the day as the programme has aired and can still be seen on Sky Arts channel.

I used collage to create the picture and was pleased with the result in four hours. I brought the picture back to the studio and couldn’t help creating a more refined crisp collage from the observations on the day. I was able to review my colour palette and find a more refined way of describing the bridge.

Plein aire drawing for the collage in the competition.
Collage created on the competition day.
The studio version of the collage created after the competition

If you would like to see how the picture developed in the show the timelapse of the collage can be seen at

Sky Arts Landscape Artist of the Year is back!

The brand new series starts Tuesday 15th October at 8pm on Sky Arts channel.

I shall be participating in the competition on the 12 November, Episode 5, Tyne Bridge, Newcastle. My painting shall be released for you to see after the show has aired.

Here is the series promotional video.

Here are all the dates for the whole series:

15 October          Ep 1        Plymouth Smeaton’s Tower

22 October          Ep 2        Herstmonceux Observatory

29 October          Ep 3        Gateshead Millennium Bridge

5 November       Ep 4        Herstmonceux Castle

12 November    Ep 5        Tyne Bridge

19 November    Ep 6        Plymouth Drake’s Island

26 November    Ep 7        Semi Final – Cromarty

3 December       Ep 8        Final – Battersea Power Station

10 December     Ep 9        The Winning Commission: Venice

My profile (found on the link below) shall be updated after the 12 November, Episode 5 has aired with a timelapse video of the landscape picture produced on the day.  

My Collage Pictures

I was inspired to use the collage medium when I saw an exhibition on Matisse.

I first used it as a tool to work out how I should paint a picture. It allowed me to condense and distill shapes in my landscape pictures. It helped me play with the composition and create a colour palette for the pictures. The collage began as a tool but I have kept coming back to the medium and are now pictures to look at in their own right.

Overton Hill, Ridgeway Series, Leigh Glover 2015

I experiment cutting into paper that I have hand painted with acrylic paint. The brushstrokes found in the paint are integral to the picture. I often paint many sheets of paper and then select the best colours.

The shapes I cut and place are found from observation and drawings in the landscape.  It is important for me to play and to experiment with collage to create a picture.

Uffington White Horse, Ridgeway Series, Leigh Glover 2015

Benjamin Grosvenor performing in Evesham

Benjamin Grosvenor, the concert pianist, will be performing at Evesham Art Centre on 11th January 2019. He kindly sat for me a few years ago. My pencil drawing of Benjamin Grosvenor will be displayed in the foyer at the performance.

Benjamin Grosvenor, Tones, 2011, P.O.A. by Leigh Glover

Inspiration from the National Gallery. A portrait of Toby. Boy and tiger.

Being able to walk through the doors at the National Gallery in London is a huge privilege. I enjoy wandering and wondering through the great halls of master painters. It is like seeing old friends and conversing with exciting ideas.

Viewing pictures can also be a more rewarding but longer process with paper and pencil in hand. It is such a valuable experience not for the end result of the sketch but FOR the way you interact with the painting. Many dull and dark works have become exciting through sketching them.

The Chardin painting ‘Boy playing cards’ has been a picture that I have always admired. I have spent many hours in front of this picture, pencil in hand looking, drawing and learning from Chardin’s mastery.

On the other hand the Rosso ‘Surprised!’ was always a picture I walked past and spent very little time with. It was only after the beginning of the portrait of my nephew with his tiger ‘onesie’ that I returned to the picture.

Toby holds a serenity and a playful imagination, a dreamful state where Boy becomes Tiger or Tiger hunts Boy, and portrays the innocence that is so typical of young children.

Thank you to the National Gallery for allowing long-dead artists the opportunity to inspire not only the public but also the artists of today.

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Toby.  Boy and Tiger. oil on canvas

Toby. Boy and Tiger. oil on canvas by Leigh Glover, 2015.

The Ridgeway pictures

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The Ridgeway series of pictures depict scenes from the 85 mile National Trail that incorporates one of the oldest ‘green roads’ in Europe.  The scenic route stretches from Overton Hill in the west, across the Marlborough Downs and the Vale of the White Horse, to the Chilterns and Ivinghoe Beacon in the east.  These collages and paintings form part of my ongoing series of the Ridgeway.  All pictures can be seen on my website The Ridgeway, UK

I am exhibiting this new series at the pop-up gallery Art on the Hill, Brill School, The Firs, Buckinghamshire, HP18 9RY.

Friday 15th April at 7.30pm (invitation only)

Saturday 16th April 10-5pm

Sunday 17th April 10-4pm

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Witch Hazel (Hamamelis) in flower, 2015

On a cold winter morning I was working in a Japanese garden in Surrey where I came upon a group of witch hazels. The winter sunlight was hitting the candy like petals and their hint of scent was on the air. It lifted my day and was the inspiration for this picture. I hope the picture is able to lift others and to inspire people to get outdoors even in winter.  Witch Hazel in Flower, 2015, oil on canvas, 126x 89cm part of my Flourishing Gardens series.

Witch Hazel in Flower (Hamamelis), 2015

Witch Hazel in Flower (Hamamelis), 2015

Witch Hazel in Flower (detail), 2015

Witch Hazel in Flower (detail), 2015

The Adventures of Jack

This is something new for me!

I have never illustrated a children’s book before, but recently author Lee Goldsmith asked if I would illustrate “The Adventures of Jack”.

It is a particularly touching story as Lee was inspired to write it by a young boy he knows who is deaf.

I created the pictures on an iPad, three of which can be seen below.

The Adventures of Jack
“Enter the exciting world of Jack and Harry as they battle the evil villain, Professor Bashir Beansprout. Meet a bad dog, a good cat and a confused fox. Let your favourite superheroes save the world and all because of a magical little earpiece.”

Suitable for ages 7-11.

The book is available as a paperback or as a Kindle edition.  Go to

The Adventures of Jack

Adventures of Jack FINAL 10_copy

Panoramic vista from Millenium Bridge, London

Panoramic vista from Millennium Bridge, London, UK

I have been busy painting and collating this landscape on the Millennium Bridge.  The painting began to grow and grow which meant that posting the image as a whole was difficult to view on a computer screen.  So I decided to make this brochure for viewers to see the picture in more detail. I hope you enjoy flicking through!

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