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Panoramic vista from Millenium Bridge, London

Panoramic vista from Millennium Bridge, London, UK

I have been busy painting and collating this landscape on the Millennium Bridge.  The painting began to grow and grow which meant that posting the image as a whole was difficult to view on a computer screen.  So I decided to make this brochure for viewers to see the picture in more detail. I hope you enjoy flicking through!

Millenium Bridge, Tate Modern is in sight!

MBridge joined 18aug_web

I have been slowly progressing with this watercolour on Millennium Bridge.  The Tate Modern is now in sight with crowds crossing the Millennium Bridge to the south bank.

The next stage is to look left towards St Paul’s Cathedral.  I have had some wonderful comments from the public and a group of school children calling my work “Sick!”.  Which I hope I can take to mean “Wicked!” or “Cool!” otherwise I am done for!  (It is hard to keep up with the lingo!)



Millenium Bridge watercolour is growing!

Millenium Bridge joined 15 July 14 web

My watercolour from the middle of the Millennium Bridge is growing and growing.  It was inspiring to hear the radio programme ‘Playing the Skyline’ on Radio 4 with two musicians Courtney Pine and Anna Meredith composing music with this scene is mind.  A great idea which has spurred me on through a near miss on the bicycle commute, constant drizzle making a mess of my paper and one day, after a long cycle ride there, realising I had forgotten my paints!

Millennium Bridge, London, watercolour on paper


Introducing my watercolour from Millennium Bridge, London.

I was walking over the Millennium Bridge from the Bankside Gallery one evening and I felt I must paint this scene.

The picture is already 1.5 metres long and growing every time I visit the bridge.  I envisage the scene ending at St Paul’s Cathedral on the left and Tate Modern on the right but let us see how it develops.  It is becoming a bit of a challenge!